Blablarama – Before/After

24.99 $ CAD

2-4 players

4 years +

Bilingual game

For young kids, understanding temporal concepts (before/after) can be tricky. These simple words can, in fact, change the whole order of the actions to be completed! Sometimes, the order of in which we complete actions can be very important. For example “Brush your teeth after finishing your snack.” The fun directions included in Blablarama will allow your child to improve their understanding of these temporal concepts.

This game includes:

  • 1 die
  • 26 “before” cards
  • 24 “after” cards
  • 1 “challenge king” card



Have you had a chance to try our new bilingual Blablarama games?

These simple and engaging cards allow you to stimulate your child’s ability to  follow directions with specific concepts. 

Whether it be at home, at school, or at daycare, the before/after Blablarama cards will stimulate the concepts before/after in the form of a fun game, all the while targeting animal vocabulary and their sounds, body parts, and various action words. Created for children 4 and up, the various directions in this game also work on vocabulary and verbs.

The Blablarama cards can be adapted to all types of groups and situations. Since they are so simple, they can be used as much by parents as by S-LPs, resource teachers, or daycare teachers. These cards can be used the traditional way (each player taking a turn till a player completes a predetermined number of cards), but they can also be used with another game (ex. Before putting a sword in the game Pop Up Pirate!) or can be used to play Simon Says.

It’s also fun to add a motor movement aspect to allow kids an opportunity to get up and move (ex. throw the ball between the players to decide who goes first, roll on a big ball, etc.) Regardless of a child’s skills or preferences, it’s possible to adapt Blablarama to efficiently stimulate the concepts.

Authors: Celine de Brito, Claudie Tremblay-Finley, Brigitte Chaput and Camille Theriault, S-LPs

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