Colima-sons (only available in French)

44.99 $ CAD

2-8 players

6 years +

Educational card game created by S-LPs to work on sounds important for reading and writing. These cards can be used for 7 different activities,  fostering learning through games!

This game includes:

  • 373 cards
  • 4 description cards for the 7 possible activities
  • 1 explanation guide

Only available in French



Hey! Have you seen BriBri’s new card game?

We can play 7 different games, all while practicing our graphemes! Do you know what graphemes are? It’s what you learn at school when you learn to read and write. The sounds of our language are represented in writing by a letter or group of letters, for example “b” “ou” , “ch”, etc. And when you put graphemes together, you can spell words! Do you know your graphemes well? This card game helps with the acquisition of grapheme to phoneme correspondence, which is essential when we learn to read, and to develop good decoding skills.

This game is intended for:

TEACHERS in regular classrooms, especially elementary school

TEACHERS in special education classrooms with students presenting difficulties in reading and must see the same graphemes several times before mastering them

PARENTS with children with or without learning difficulties… homework time will become much more fun!

Speech-Language Pathologists

TEACHERS OR INTERVENTIONISTS who would like to make their small groups more fun

Authors: Brigitte Chaput and Celine de Brito, S-LPs

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 21 × 14 × 6 cm

Manuel d'instructions

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