The Silly Potion

Perfect for parents, educators and professionals who are looking to have fun while stimulating language development of children 4 years old and over! 


“The witch had to prepare a magic potion, but she forgot what ingredients to put in her cauldron and in what order to add them. Help her prepare her potion! Listen carefully to the riddles to identify the accessory or the character of Halloween, then put the scarf on your eyes and turn several times on yourself. It turns! Not easy to go stick the image in the cauldron. ”


The game The Silly Potion is the ideal tool to work on children’s language by yourself, like a speech therapist! This fast-paced and economical game also includes important information on child development and tips for maximizing vocabulary understanding related to the Halloween theme. By playing with this downloadable and printable activity, your children will have so much fun that they will not notice all the work they are doing!

To play it, the instructions are short and easy to understand! Children will have to listen to a riddle related to Halloween. The first person to correctly identify the answer among the images available can then be blindfolded. It turns on itself and must stick the image in the cauldron of the witch. The game ends when all the ingredients have been added.


Also available in French!!


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