Understanding the question WHY? The turtle’s race

Perfect for parents, educators and professionals who are looking to have fun while stimulating language development of children 4 years old and over! 


“The turtles must cross the river, but there are crocodiles lurking nearby! To help the turtles cross the river on the rocks while avoiding danger, you’ll have to answer WHY questions related to emotions. Why is the little girl in the image sad? Which turtle will make it to safety first?”


The game Everything to Understand the Question WHY – Turtle’s Race is the ideal tool to work on your child’s language yourself, just like a speech-language pathologist! This quick and affordable game also includes important information on children’s development as well as tips to maximally stimulate the question WHY. Your children will have so much fun playing this downloadable and printable game that they won’t realize all of the work they’re doing!

The game instructions are short and easy to understand! Each player answers a WHY question related to the depicted emotion. Then that player draws a card to see if he can advance to the next rock, or if he must remain where he is because a crocodile is near. The first turtle to make it across the river wins the game!  


Also available in French!!


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