The Dominos of seasons

Perfect for parents, educators and professionals who are looking to have fun while stimulating language development of children 4 years old and over! 


“Do you know in which season we build a snowman? Or in which season we go ice-skating? In winter, you’re right! Put these two images side by side on the board game. Be the first to dispose of all your images at hand to win the game! But watch out not to put the girl who swims next to the boy who’s on a sled : these two actions don’t take place during the same season!”
The game “Everything to Understand the Seasons- The Dominoes of Seasons” is an ideal tool to work on a child’s language development yourself, just like a speech-language pathologist! This quick and affordable game also includes important information on children’s development as well as tips to maximally stimulate the concept of seasons. Your children will have so much fun playing this downloadable and printable game that they won’t realize all of the work they’re doing!

In order to play, the instructions are short and easy to understand! The players must dispose of all their dominoes in order to win the game. To do so, they need to determine in which season the actions illustrated on their dominoes take place (ex. we rake the leaves in the fall), and then put one of their dominoes next to a domino that is representing the same season and that is already on the table !



Also available in French!!


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